Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hon Update Crash - error K2 Exception

Recently, I'm addicted to a game named Hero of Newerth (HoN). It is an online game, an enhancement of Dota that I've been playing for few years. It has nicer graphic and features. Ever since I've played this game, I don't really play back Dota. >.<

But there is always a problem for me when there is a new update. My HoN crashed with the message "K2 Exception" when it tries to update my client version. For the 1st few times, I've been re-install and also re-download the latest client from the internet for it to work fine. But today, there is a new update to it, and this time, unfortunately, even after I've tried to re-install it again and again, it still crash with the same exception. Therefore, I tried to search for the solution instead of re-download or re-install it every time it got new update.

After some search on the internet, I managed to find out the solution. I provide the link here and hopefully it does help. The solution is actually very simply. Regret why I'm so lazy to search for it previously and keep wasting my time to re-install it. Really speechless.

It requires us to extract the content of (in HoN\Update folder) to the HoN installation folder. But for my case, I even facing problem when I tried to extract the file. So, I ask my friend to look for the file in her HoN\Update folder. She can't find this folder, but does have the tos.txt file in the installation folder. She sent me the file and I put it in my installation folder. Restarted my HoN, and yeah, the update successfully installed with no exception. Lesson learned. =)


hayase920 said...

thanks so much!! Let me try this, I was the same, lazy to look up the solution. Just reinstalling- reupdating every single time!

achio said...

no prob =] Hope it helped you too!

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